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December 2, 2020
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December 2, 2020

Yesterday evening, Your Eastbourne BID met with Eastbourne Borough Council licensing department to discuss the tier 2 restrictions, and raise questions that had been sent to us. 

We have attached our notes below. It includes how licensing will support businesses, questions on substantial meals, household bookings and other queries. 

Licensing Meeting
5pm 1st December 2020

Overarching Messages

  1. EBC want to support businesses – not to close them
  2. Premises should be operating as a restaurant
  3. Guidance from Govt. is to reduce household interaction. This is the driving
    principal of the tier system.
    PLEASE NOTE: That legislative guidance was only received during the meeting
    with EBC and is still being considered.
    • Letters are being sent to all licensed premises about how the Council will be
    supporting business. SH has sent a copy of this letter to BN, SS and DM. This will
    also be attached to this email.
    • EBC appreciate that this is a very difficult time for the industry. Want to stress
    that they are here to support businesses. If business want to look at different
    operating model, they will support.
    • EBC stated that if licensed premises are looking to serve food, they must be
    registered as a food business.
    • EBC will be looking at licensed premises operating as a restaurant.
    o Table service
    o Table booking system
    o Food provided to the table
    o Walk ins – can be facilitated but queuing systems should be socially
    distant and following COVID guidance
    o Down to individual management.
    • Appreciate that some businesses may not have a kitchen area. EBC are fully
    supportive of businesses coming to an arrangement with a local business to
    extend food served in licences remises. BUT you need to be clear on how you
    will manage that.
    o Taking orders at the table
    o Going to get food from food premises
    o Bringing food to customer
    o Cutlery on table
    o Limiting handling
    • Reopening checklists are available on the Borough Council website (here:
    https://www.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/community/covid-19/licensing-andenvironmental-health) with posters and downloadable signage. Don’t forget
    about the COVID ready risk assessments as well – particularly with regards to
    Contact the BID
    Write 49 Gildredge Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4RY
    Email info@youreastbournebid.com
    Call 01323 671 660
    Visit www.youreastbournebid.com

    Restaurants (here: https://www.visiteastbourne.com/plan-your-visit/covidready/Business)
    • Important to manage public expectations of how people will come into premises.
    • COVID risk assessments and regulations apply – tables should be socially distant,
    should consider screens etc.
    PPE – Face Shields or Face Coverings?
    • Legislation states that face coverings should be used, and that face shields are an
    addition, not a replacement.
    What is the minimum and maximum time someone can stay to eat and drink?
    • EBC are not going to define this, it should be considered like restaurant
    operation. For example
    o You may order a drink as you look at the menu and wait for service
    o You may order a drink for the meal
    o You may finish a drink after the meal
    • It’s up to the businesses to manage this.
    What constitutes a substantial meal?
    • Licensing officers will support, but it’s about management and common sense.
    • There is useful case law with regards to how 16-17 year olds are served with
    • It is not bar snacks
    • Again, consider how a restaurant might serve. Professional judgement
    • Example: someone ordering a scotch egg/sausage roll and ordering 3-5 pints –
    is not managing a premises.

Does everyone need to order food at the table?
• Yes. Everyone needs to be eating at the table to be served alcohol
Same Household – Limited Numbers?
• For seating indoors, everyone should be from the same household
• There isn’t a limit to the numbers of people who can sit at that table if they are
from the same household, but you should use your common sense.
• For example, unlikely that 7 adult males would all live together
How should businesses check everyone is from the same household?
• Premises need to ask the question – at booking or when arriving. If they are not,
they should be turned away.
• Businesses need to do everything they can to show they are doing what they can.
If public are becoming problematic – let EBC know as they can support in terms
of education or COVID officers/marshals
What are the rules in terms of weddings funerals and wakes?

• Different in terms of numbers allowed, but expect similar restaurant style
Can someone book a table as a ‘work event’?
• EBC would strongly urge businesses air on the side of caution. Calling something
a work event does not allow people to have a Christmas party!
• Unlikely work event would take place in evening under COVID regulations +
everyone is asked to work from home if they can.
• Govt. regulations do not want households to mix.
• It’s also about premises reputation
Can music/live music be played in venues?
• Not in restaurants/pubs
• Previous legislation had a DB limit.
• Music should be background and incidental. Not allowing raised voices or
• DJ could be considered more excessive than background music
• Awaiting further guidance on this
• There is specific guidance for theatres
What further support from Council/Government?
• Tim Whelan stated that Govt. do not give prior warning when new
grants/support packages are available.
• Are aware of Government announcement of support for Wet Venues – but
details haven’t yet come
• Open Support Scheme was for businesses in tier 2, not yet clear if this will be
extended under the current tiers. Awaiting Government guidance
• There is a discretionary fund available, but it has to last a whole year and at
present only for those without a rateable value. At present, EBC are accepting
applications. However, EBC have committed to also revisit their policy after
December to see if further support can be given to hospitality sector as
recognise current packages from Govt insufficient in comparison to losses.
How will this be enforced?
• EBC are working with other authorities across the region and taking part with
liaison group across East and West Sussex
• Understand that majority of businesses are trying their best to comply.
• Licensing patrols will support and advice. Enforcement is their last approach.
• They will have COVID marshals and officers in line with central Govt funding to
provide this assistance as well

Please let us know if you have any questions or queries you would like us to raise
with the licensing team on your behalf.
Email info@youreastbournebid.com