SHW Backs the BID

Ashley Pugh Backs the BID
Ballot Opens Today
July 4, 2019
Denise Backs the BID
Momentum for BID Builds
July 12, 2019

Over 600 ballot papers have arrived through the letterboxes of businesses across the town centre in Eastbourne as they decide whether or not to support Your Eastbourne BID (Business Improvement District).

Should the ballot be successful, over £300,000 a year will be invested in the town centre over five years to address the priorities of town centre businesses.

The BID Steering Group say it is the culmination of a four year project conducted by Your Eastbourne BID after over 300 hours of consultations with local and national businesses.

Mark McFadden of SHW, a supporter of Your Eastbourne BID said “We wholeheartedly support the proposals of Your Eastbourne BID to improve our town centre and invest £300,000 every year into our town. Becoming a BID town will mean that Eastbourne joins one of the 300 already established in the UK that have a great record of delivery.”

Shoes Simes, owner of the Dew Drop Inn and The Eagle, and Chair of Your Eastbourne BID said “The ballot opened on the 4th of July and responses have to be received by the 31st of July. The packs include a copy of the printed business plan which lists all our projects and also how we will measure success. Please do vote YES to the BID.”

Full details of the BID proposals can be found at or by calling 01323 641 144.