COVID-19 Update: Protect Your Premises

Daily Update: 27th March
March 27, 2020
COVID-19 March 31st
March 31, 2020

With more businesses being asked to close their doors to the public to stop the spread of COVID-19, there could be a rise in crime targeted at businesses.

The BID Ambassadors have been working closely with the Police and business crime wardens to assist businesses. In liaising with the police, the ambassadors have secured an additional patrol car for the morning.

We are lobbying the Police and Crime Commissioner for increased provision in the evening to protect businesses and also supporting the safer communities funding proposal which, if successful, will secure additional CCTV for the town centre.

Many properties may be multi tenanted so it is vitally important you make contact with others with who you share your premises as well as any Landlord to understand what actions they may be or have taken.

Adam Godden, the Business Crime Specialist for Eastbourne Borough Council is happy to assist. You can email him on

If you are made aware of suspicious behaviour please notify Sussex Police on

Remember you can call the BID on 01323 671 660 seven days a week or our Ambassadors direct on 07516 927 052 Wednesday - Sunday.

Tips to Secure Property

  1. Check your insurance policy and understand what cover is provided for wholly or partially occupied premises. Most policies will regard 30 days as the period after which a property is regarded as unoccupied, after which standard policy conditions apply and excesses may increase.
  2. Talk to your insurers and understand what the definition of ‘unoccupied’ is.
  3. Depending on the nature of your work some policies may require the need for regular security checks – are these in place and is the Company providing them able to support you in accordance with the policy terms?
  4. Securing your property is the first physical step. Check that your alarm systems are operational and CCTV remains running. Remove anything of value from windows
  5. You may consider sealing up any letter boxes to reduce the risk of arson and organise a redirect of your post.
  6. Ensure you turn off all services; water, gas and electrics where possible.
  7. Remove items of value where you can, such as desktop PCs, printers and even expensive telephone systems where numbers can be redirected.
  8. Consider installing cost effective web based wireless cameras that can be linked to your phone. They are movement sensitive and will help protect your premises.
  9. Keep the relevant parties informed of any changes, including; staff, managing agents, landlords and your insurance broker.
  10. Look out for your neighbours and other nearby unoccupied premises – more than ever we have a moral duty to look after each other.